FBE-ASIC microelectronics experts

Alf Olsen

Key points:
  • Senior Consultant Mixed Signal ASICs Design and Verification
  • 20 years of design experience, 12 years of engineering management
Fields of Expertise:
  • Sensor interface electronics
    • Charge sensing low noise preamplifiers and integrators for silicon detectors
    • SiPMs with high peak current output
    • Readout of piezoelectric sensors
    • Sensor interface electronics
  • Readout of image sensors
    • CMOS visible light
    • Micro bolometer IR sensor (MEMS resistors)
  • CMOS Op-Amps, comparators
  • Switched capacitor circuits
  • Digital to analog converters
  • Sigma-delta analog to digital converters
  • CMOS time continuous filters
  • Bandgap reference, LDO regulators
Example Projects
  • 20 bit delta-sigma modulator ADC
  • Gm-C time continuous 5th order Bessel filter. Tuneable 500 kHz – 4 MHz.
  • CMOS image sensor with continuous exposure control using non-destructive pixel readout
  • VGA IR image sensor ROIC (read out IC) operating at 60 fps.
  • Control and read out IC for near Infrared focal plan detectors in space application
Alf Olsen