FBE-ASIC microelectronics experts

FBE-ASIC successfully conducts expert consulting in microelectronics since 2004. FBE-ASIC, supported by its associated network of experts, can help your critical projects succeed. Consulting on expert level means
  • a fast project ramp up without large training overhead
  • a fast project execution
    • as experts can make use of their experience from former projects
    • as experts know their working fields
  • the availability of interpersonal skills and confidence to overcome critical situations
  • allowing your team to learn from the experience
  • delivering a first-time right product with the best feature mix possible
  • to be ready in time and keep the development costs low.

FBE-ASIC as your contract partner assures
  • that your needs will be understood and the right skills necessary for your project are identified
  • that you do not need to read dozens of irrelevant profiles
  • that you will get fast and easy access to a growing number of experts when you need them
  • that your contract partner is a well-settled company (since 2004)