FBE-ASIC microelectronics experts


The MICRODUL MD300 CMOS gate array offers a quick and cost-effective route for integration of mixed analog/digital electronics. Different complexities can be accounted for by single or multiple use of the basic MD300 chip cell.

Customization of the array is achieved by patterning of two metal layers and one via layer. MPW (multi project wafer) runs for low-cost prototyping are provided.

The wafers are manufactured through NXP Semiconductors in the C175SC (0.9 um) CMOS process.

Your competitive edge with MICRODUL MD300 designs:
  • Analog and digital functionality on one chip, wide range of analog components
  • MPW (multiple-project-wafer) runs for low-cost prototyping
  • Low NRE cost (only three customizable masks) and short design times
  • Available in small, medium and large quantities
  • Low risk approach (components have to be "only" connected, last-minute enhancements possible through unused components)
  • EPROM programmability
  • Internal supply voltage max 6V / output max. 9V / 4kV ESD (human body model)

Application fields
  • Sensor signal conditioning
  • A/D conversion
  • Digital signal processing
  • Telecom
  • Automation & control