FBE-ASIC microelectronics experts

Dr. Wolfgang Fallot-Burghardt

Key points:
  • Senior Consultant Mixed-Signal ASIC Design
  • 20+ years of experience
Fields of Expertise:
  • Sensor electronics
    • Charge/current delivering sensors: very low-noise amplifiers (Ph.D. thesis, many publications)
    • Capacitive sensors: very similar to charge sensors, e.g. for angular rate sensor (used in automotive) or touch detection sensor
    • Inductive sensors (e.g. in proximity detection circuits): making use of innovative TDC (time-to-digital-converter)
    • Resistive sensors (low-offset instrumention amplifiers)
  • Low noise, low-offset, high-precision amplifiers
  • Opamps (rail-to-rail, low power, strong drive, etc.)
  • Comparators, Schmitt triggers
  • DACs (9 bit, current-based)
  • ADCs (10 bit SAR, 12 bit sigma-delta, flash)
  • TDCs (time-to-digital converter)
  • Power management circuits (charge pump, inductive)
  • LDO regulators
  • PLL
Example Projects:
  • Substantial contributions to MEMS yaw rate sensor ASIC and air flow meter ASIC (automotive)
  • Design of critical analog circuits (e.g. low-noise low- offset instrumentation amplifier and regulators) (automotive)
  • Consulting and supervision of turbo charger speed measurement ASIC project (automotive)
Dr. Wolfgang Fallot-Burghardt