FBE-ASIC microelectronics experts

The FBE-ASIC expert network - excellence by teaming up with independent experts

In 2010, FBE-ASIC GmbH has formed the FBE-ASIC expert network of microelectronics experts, raising the quality in European microelectronics services to unprecedendent levels. With the network, FBE-ASIC is able to better serve its existing customers as well as to become preferred supplier for new customers.

Key-facts about the network
  • All network members are esteemed experts in their fields.
  • The average expert experience is well above 15 years.
  • The continously expanding network is the best way
    • for customers to receive services by independent experts from a one-stop partner in charge of the technical and business interface.
    • for network members, to remain independent under the changing market conditions.
  • FBE-ASIC GmbH acts as the qualified business partner for customers interested in a cooperation with network members.