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Full Custom ASICs

For mixed-signal ASICs, the processes from X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG, Erfurt, Germany, are our preferred choice. X-FAB's 0.6m CMOS process XC06 is particularly attractive for small and medium volumes due to its almost unlimited versatility at affordable NRE costs. XC06 offers 15 different optional modules such as high voltage, extended high, or embedded EEPROM and flash memory modules. All the modules may be freely combined.

A large range of analog and digital IP is available, shortening design cycles and decreasing the risk of failure. Analog macro cells comprise opamps, bandgaps, ADCs, DACs, oscillators, etc. Digital standard cell libraries are provided to support tool-driven digital design flows.

For prototyping, cost-attractive MPW (multi-project wafer) runs are currently offered five times per year, MLM (multi-layer mask) runs may be started any time.

Short Overview
  • 0.6m-double poly, double metal N-well CMOS basic process / Triple metal option for high density circuits
  • Embedded EEPROM / flash memory option
  • Different medium and high voltage options with 8 to 40 V DC operating conditions for NMOS and PMOS transistors
  • Extended high-voltage modules with >60V DC operating conditions - NMOS, PMOS and DMOS for 42V board net automotive application
  • Different bipolar transistors
  • High precision analogue performance
  • Digital core cell libraries optimised for speed / low power / low noise
  • About 2500/4500 effective gates per square mm (2/3 metal layers)
  • 5V and 3.3V I/O cell libraries with CMOS / TTL interfacing capability

XC06 Info Sheet (pdf, 307 kB)

XC06 Data Sheet (pdf, 886 kB)