FBE-ASIC microelectronics experts


The ZETEX 700 line of bipolar analog arrays offers a quick and cost-effective route for integration of analog electronics.

A wide range of sizes, each array being approximately 30% larger in size than the previous, allows for the well-matched integration of different complexities. In addition, a limited amount of digital gates may be integrated, too.

Customization of the array is achieved by patterning a single metal layer. Cross-under resistors are provided throughout the chip to ease routing.

Your competitive edge with ZETEX 700 series:
  • Low NRE cost (only one customized mask)
  • Available in small, medium and large quantities
  • No deadlines as with MPW (multiple-project-wafers)
  • Short design times; extensive library of circuits available
  • Low risk approach (components have to be connected "only", last-minute enhancements possible through unused components)
  • Strong current drive with large npn/pnp transistors
  • Lower flicker noise than in CMOS technologies
  • Robustness - lower ESD and latchup sensitivity than in CMOS technologies
  • Max. supply voltage 20V

Application Fields:
  • Sensor signal conditioning
  • Audio amplification filtering
  • Telecommunication
  • Automation & control and Motor control